Welcome to Blue Narwhal!

Blue Narwhal exists for two reasons. First, I am always looking for the best, cutest, raddest, most awesome things when I shop. So creating a place that contains all these things together seems like a genius idea. Second, my friends are always asking me where I found X thing, or they’re stumped on what to get for so and so and I suggest Y thing. Finding quirky, cool stuff and figuring out great gifts just seems to be my super power. And while it isn’t nearly as flashy as super speed or punching through walls or something, I still feel the need to share it with the world. ;)

But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. It is very important to me to be an ethical shop owner. That is why I do not:

  • Run fake “sales” wherein an arbitrary higher price is listed, however my “super special sale price” is supposedly a great discount, when in reality it’s just the actual price. If I have a sale price, it is indeed on sale. :D
  • Pretend sales expire when in fact they never do, another thing that goes along with the first point. If a sale is ending, it’s ending. It’s not one of those 24 hour sales that lasts for eternity.
  • Claim to have limited stock when I don’t. Most of my stock is not limited, thankfully! If I do happen to carry a limited edition item, or I notice stock is getting low, I will mention it on Facebook or the blog. Other than that, no worries.

I want Blue Narwhal to be a happy place that you love and come back to! Shops that have fake sales and any of the many other tricks that try to mislead you into buying are not respecting their customer’s intelligence. If I was Blue Narwhal’s customer, I would want Blue Narwhal to assume I was a rocket scientist! This is a place full of wonder and joy, so have fun, find some awesome stuff to make you happy and make the people you love happy.

<3 Linda