Summer Sale and Sunglasses!

Hello hello! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Things are busy at the Blue Narwhal ranch*. We just added a bunch of fun new stuff, including some fantastic new shades that I highly recommend you check out! And in honour of the long weekend here in Ontario (and a bunch of other provinces) I thought I’d do a summer SALE!

Until Monday at midnight EST (or is it daylight savings now? I don’t know, but you guys get it. Eastern time.) everything is 25% off! That includes the new sunglasses, and the code is GOTTAWEARSHADES! Personally, I wear sunglasses all year round because the sun is a bright ball of flame that burns, but the summer is particularly the time for it.

So go nuts, spoil yourself, and have a good time this weekend - whether you have a holiday or not. :)

<3 Linda

*Note: not a ranch.