Hello, my sunflowers!

Opening week! Whew! It’s been fun — and going better than I expected. :D We hit the top 25% of site traffic for stores that opened the same week I did, and that’s a soft launch! So a round of applause for everyone, well done!

So far it’s been a good learning experience. I’m glad I didn’t go full tilt right away. Luckily only one order so far had a wee hiccup, and it was resolved right away. I think that’s a pretty good record.

Thanks to those of you who have messaged me, either in email or left comments on Facebook. At this early stage it’s so great to hear anything more then the sad sound of crickets! From the feedback I’ve been getting, the Fox Messenger Bag and the Chameleon Backpack are the neck in neck favourites right now. 

When orders start arriving, don’t forget to leave feedback on the site. Your reviews help other people know what to expect. I know how much I love reading peoples reviews when I shop; they’re really key.

We’re at 290 likes on Facebook! I’m hoping we can hit 500 by Friday. We can do it guys, I believe in us. 

<3 Linda

P. S. Remember to use LAUNCH40 until the end of the month for a phat 40% off!