A Sample of My Thinkering (on Shoes)

Hello again sunflowers, Alice on a chair

As promised (on Facebook, if you follow me there, if not, hop to!), I wanted to let you in on the dark mess of my mind as I fall down the rabbit hole of planning. Much like Alice falling down that hole, it is dizzying, and then you realize you’re gonna be there a while, and then you just get kinda bored.

When I decided I would post shoes from Shoes of Prey to my Facebook wall, I couldn’t post just ANY of my mad creations. For one thing, I’ve been making stuff there for so long that almost all of them use one material or another that SoP doesn’t carry anymore so they’re “UNAVAILABLE” as they tell me in ALL CAPS, which I think is unnecessary, but whatever. Crush my dreams in lower case maybe?

Secondly, despite what it may seem like to the untrained observer, I do try to post things that my dear followers will find interesting, funny, cute, whathaveyou. Therefore, it seemed to me it would be a good idea to post something that would be on trend for the oncoming season (Autumn, the best of all seasons!). I am already aware of a lot of the trends for Fall because I like to know them, even if I don’t necessarily follow them in my shop. Blue Narwhal is about wearing what you love and being surrounded by what gives you joy, yo. If you love orange, you wear orange, and you rock it hard. But tbh I’m not really up on what is trendy in shoes specifically, so I checked it out.

Much to my glee sequins are trendy af on shoes! I’m already set in that department (is anyone surprised?). I thought of making a sequinned pair of heels anyway, but SoP’s 3D modeller doesn’t render sequins very well, so instead I decided to focus on colour blocking and some of the on trend colours for Fall 2017.

Pantone Colour Palette Fall/Autumn 2017
Pantone Colour Swatches Fall/Autumn 2017

I love blues and greens, so I focused on Shaded Spruce, which is very close to my favourite colour (turquoise/teal), and Golden Lime, which I always think looks great next to dark teals and deep emerald greens. Then I thought I'd possibly add Navy Peony, since the first two colours are next to each other on the colour wheel, and I figured it would be ideal to stay in the same range of colours and create an analogous colour palette (no giggling children).

From there you just play around forever have a shit ton of fun. I really like small details like piping, and I'm always having issues with my heels sliding off, so I love having a strap going across to keep my shoes on. And wedge heels are so much more stable, though I did also build it with a block heel and it looked great with that too. I thought I would use the Golden Lime as a more predominant colour, but I ended up using it as the piping to give a bit of pizazz to what seems to be an otherwise fun but still subdued heel.

Two shoes from Shoes of Prey

In the end, these heels are simple, casual but still elegant, and have a nice bit of flair to keep them from being boring. They’re totally on trend with styling, colour-blocking, and the colours for fall, while still being a great basic you could wear for years. Then I went through and made a vegan version because I know a lot of my customers are animal-friendly and prefer vegan products. :)

I wrote out this whole post not just because I’m obsessed with Shoes of Prey (because I kind of am, obviously), but also to show you guys the sort of thought I put into the products I carry in my store. There’s a lot of details to think about, much more than making these shoes of course! Lots of things I didn’t even know to think about until I started up my store. Whether you like the shoes I made or not, I do carry a wider variety of things than just one pair of shoes, and I put a lot of thought into each one. So I hope that’s reassuring! :D

<3 Linda